CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap Officially Blocked in China

Following the policies laid out in China’s cryptocurrency regulation, it seems that this is one of the drastic moves to the previous statements. Recently, two major cryptocurrency websites CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap were blocked by firewalls.


As of the time of writing, there have been 2 tests from The Block and on logging in to the above 2 websites in China, both of which have failed specifically. as follows:

At The Block, there was a test that showed that accessing 2 websites could not be because they were blocked by the firewall from China’s Internet.< /span>

In addition, the results returned on the website checker are also censored by China’s Great Firewall.

Since when have these two websites been blocked, it is not possible to authenticate. But the information recognizes this cause from users when they cannot be accessed in the early morning of September 28, China time.

1 11 Image checked on GREATFIRE.ORG about Coingecko


2 8 Image was checked on GREATFIRE.ORG about Coinmarketcap page

Information from CoinGecko said that they did not decide to cut China’s IP, so perhaps the country’s Internet censorship agency has made this move. .

Here we can also see that China is actively suppressing the cryptocurrency market from trading activities to limiting market information exposure to citizen.

Currently, crypto communities in China have shared a way to bypass firewalls on activity groups that is routing through VPN.

In addition to avoid being touched by the authorities, groups operating on WECHAT about cryptocurrencies have changed their names or moved communities to active Telegram. In their view, the change during this time will make discussions and activities safer.

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