Will NFT Game development set the stage for Metaverse?

Metaverse is a virtual world powered by technology that simulates the real world so that people can connect and interact with each other.

The thriving 2021 NFT Game depicts the world of Metaverse more clearly. So how have NFT Game projects contributed to building Metaverse? Let’s find out together with team AZ through this article!

If by definition, Metaverse can build a virtual world on the foundation of the real world, then NFT Game it is just a small part of the community of people. Game lover.

Where players can experience and build their own society and economy in the game

Recently, a Tweet by CZ – the founder of Binance mentioned this trend.

Tweet cz
CZ’s Tweet about the Metaverse trend

So what factors help NFT Game build Metaverse ?

When it comes to Games, the first criterion mentioned is entertainment. Besides this important factor, there must be other minimums such as beautiful images, fast loading games or maybe high interactivity.

The name of a famous game that built a virtual world before that everyone knows is “The Sims”. The game has created a huge wave for players around the world and exists to this day. Because simply “The Sims” has captured the psychology, meeting the preferences and needs of users. What people do not actually own, at The Sims, they will be able to do from an economy that builds human governance or can be emotional as well as interactive.

The Sims Game
The Sims a favorite Game up to now[/ caption]

The success of this Traditional Game has enabled current game DEVs to have complete data on player psychology and preferences. In addition, the combination with Blockchain technology has raised the Game layer to a new step of development and has a better view of the Game in the present time.

From an overview of simple games, from the perspective of financiers, why not create an economic source for players. Part entertainment, part income. When Blockchain incorporated into the game developed at a stable level, it can be considered as the starting premise for Metaverse.

Players can head to this virtual world because it can generate income for themselves and the “Play to Earn” trend has created a storm bounced back in the last 2 months. (Axie infinity is a prime example of the most successful NFT game to date)


axie is full of people played in the Philippines Axie is widely played in the Philippines

So the brightest point that NFT Game can contribute to building Metaverse is building an in-game economy and providing the most realistic user experience.

If you mention the trend of NFT Game, the first thing you can say is “Crypto Kitty”, but it has cooled down more because of the simple, less exciting gameplay. fun for players.

Through this, we can also conclude that NFT Game projects should have more improvements  richer in form and quality.

Community support and community engagement should be given a lot of attention. Because the more the community grows, the more sustainable it will be. This means that the tokens created in the game are increasingly valuable.

The direction of NFT Game to facilitate development of Metaverse 

Scam projects aside, NFT Game is making desirable developments and achieving success. If NFT Games can build their own and perfect world to create economy and be successful, it will attract investors.technology comes to it.

Once the initial success is received, it can be replicated in more fields than all in one true virtual universe 

virtual reality
Applying virtual reality technology to life in the future

Everything can happen with the development of information technology nowadays it is only a matter of time sooner or later.

The article is compiled from many different sources of information, you can learn more on Nasdaq, Coindesk, Medium, Forbes.  This is my own opinion about NFT Game with Metaverse. If you have any ideas or discussions, you can comment below! Show AZ your arm!!

This article is intended to share project information for NOT investment advice.
You should research carefully before making a decision!

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